As previously mentioned in my portfolio I am especially interested in the beauty industry and would love to work in-house and become a PR executive. My passion for PR has grown immensely and it just keeps getting stronger.

What can I bring to PR?

Well, I have many skills that I can offer including my social media and blogging skills due to posting on behalf of my course, Public Relations and Communication. I post daily on their Twitter and Facebook page as well as writing blogs that are uploaded onto the University website. This has improved my writing and proofreading skills considerably, as well as creatively thinking of content to post. I am a good communicator which is shown through meetings with industry professionals and conducting interviews, leading a team and talking to students and alumni. My personality is one of my top assets, I am positive, enthusiastic and have a ‘can do’ attitude. I prioritise work and am able to meet deadlines, whilst working exceptionally well in a group. My knowledge of Mac and Windows and the ability to use Photoshop, Indesign and Canva makes me stand out from other individuals. I feel all of these skills will help me reach my PR goal of working in-house within a consumer business.

Previous experience 

Along with all my skills, my summer placement at REN Skincare helped me reach my PR goal of working in-house within a consumer business. The experience helped me understand what it was like to work in-house and in a business atmosphere. I will continue to post on behalf of my course which will keep my writing and proofreading skills in check as well as search for more work experience to broaden my experience and knowledge of PR.