1. Get Involved

Whilst out on placement don’t be scared to get involved and ask lots of questions. Asking questions can be intimidating at first but at the end of the day you’re there to learn, no one expects you to know all the answers straight away! Following this, networking should be at the top of anyone’s list as social media is on the rise. You should make sure your profiles are up to date and look professional, this will allow you to connect with your contacts to keep the relationship going.


  1. Be Organised

By being organised your mentor will be prepared to give you a more varied workload and trust you with more responsibilities. They will feel reassured that you are carrying out all your tasks correctly and are likely to give you space to carry out things your way. I like being organised so I can plan out what needs to be done and for when, which helps me be efficient in order to meet deadlines.



  1. Keep a placement diary

Depending how long your placement is you’re likely to forget what opportunities, personal achievements and challenges you came across. A diary is the best way to keep track of everything, just write a few sentences each day so you can easily reflect back. This will be beneficial for when you come to add things onto your CV or contact details of people you met.


What do you think are the most important tips about going out on placement?
Please share your views and let me know what you think about my blog post,




8 thoughts on “Top Three Tips On Going Out On Placement

  1. Great Post! I definitely be following these tips whilst on placement. I think definitely asking questions during the placement to get the most out of it. I think another tip could be keeping a portfolio of the work you have done on your placement so you can show future employers, Almost like an extension of the diary.


  2. The “get involved” part is really relevant to me. Before I did my first placement, I was worried asking questions woud make me appear as not skilled enough. It turns out that, asking questions allowed me to learn a lot. Also, this was a way to start the conversation with my boss. She was glad to help and we are still in contact now. So you are right. Even though it is a bit frightening at first, we should not hesitate to ask something if we are not sure about it.


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